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Integrated type milking cleaning water treatment facilities

Legalization of unauthorized cattle sheds

Difficulty in treating milking cleaning water

Strengthened standard of discharge water quality in 2019


Unauthorized cattle sheds(39.4%)


Composting facility(35.9%)


Cleaning water treatment facility(12.6%)


Integrated type storage tank

Earth and wood storage tank, integrated with the ground machine room

High space utilization and minimum installation period owing to simplified equipment

Appropriate treatment process

Pretreatment process using the chemical reaction tank

Biological treatment process (denoxification, activated sludge)

Application of membrane method

Economic operation

Cost savings by minimizing the number of equipment

Simple equipment operation and manipulation

Comparison of raw water and treated water

Completely satisfying the discharge standard

Discharge standard
PH 5.8~8.6
BOD 120 or less
COD 120 or less
SS 120 or less
T-N 250 or less
T-P 100 or less

Applying the allowable discharge standard to other areas

Simple septic tank type facility.

No mechanical equipment, treating with simple aeration.

Difficult to treat properly within the discharge standard.

Existing facilities

Machine equipment suitable for treatment

Easy to install, use, and manage in dairy facilities, all treatment tanks needed for purification are installed in the integrated type tank.

Manufactured with STS materials, providing excellent corrosion resistance and strength

Maximized treatment efficiency using the chemical and biological treatment membrane method, enabling stable treatment within the allowable discharge standard.

Quick response to water quality variations such as the inflow rate and waste water concentration - Easy to install and simplified equipment owing to an integrated type.

Easy operation and management, and low maintenance cost.

Improving the treatment efficiency of organic matters and nitrogen ingredients, and removing suspended matters and microbes.

The effect of sand filtration and sterilization can be expected, by installing the rear filter.

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