About Us

We place the utmost priority on quality and environment,
and consider customer satisfaction above all else.

Overseas subsidiaries

Chinese subsidiary

Daesung Industry & Engineering is on track to reach bigger markets. Daesung Industry & Engineering aims to increase the waste water disposal market and supply subsidiary materials for environmental facilities in China, as a result of establishing a subsidiary in China in 2016 and undertaking solid efforts.
As the best engineers who passionately worked in Korea are now working at the Chinese subsidiary, we promise to provide the best quality as ever that can satisfy everyone's needs in the bigger market.

Images of the site in China

Vietnamese subsidiary(established on October 19, 2018)

Enterprises in various industries are moving to or planning to move to Vietnam in stride with the industrial development of Vietnam. Keeping with this trend, Daesung Industry & Engineering provides the best environmental plant service based on Korea's advanced environmental technology, which can be applied to the full range of the company’s environment. Daesung Industry & Engineering will fully satisfy companies based on many experiences and know-how since its establishment, using our special environmental plant “All in 1 system” from design to manufacturing and construction permission and approval.

Images of the site in Vietnam