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Livestock excretions to resources facilities

Livestock excretions to resources facilities (4N-System technology)

  • No bad odor is produced as the liquid fermentation reactor and liquid fermentation tank are completely sealed.
  • Reaction using microorganisms without inserting external chemicals (and methane/aerobic fermentation).
  • Produced liquid fertilizer has high adhesion to soil, and no leachate is produced from compost.
  • High-quality liquid fertilizer can be produced in a short period of time.
  • The entire process of existing technology requires more than 180 days of decay period, but that of 4N technology requires only 30 days at least.
  • Electric power saving effect by compressing the capacity of the bad smell reducing facility (100HP → 50HP).
  • Moisture can be adjusted without compost stirring and sawdust, and natural fermentation is possible.


Expected effects of 4N Technology

  • Eco-friendly technology (reducing air, water, and soil pollution)
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Increasing production efficiency
  • Increasing efficiency compared to the area
  • Flexible use of the storage tank compared to peak season

Processing schematic diagram