Business area

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Business area
Specialized construction work for the water quality environment, design and construction work for wastewater treatment, stockbreeding material and equipment, livestock excretions storage tank, wastewater treatment equipment, livestock excretions fermentation system
Environmental plant
  • Water quality purification

  • Permission and approval of water quality deterioration prevention facilities in the company
  • Waste water treatment facilities at recycling plants, semiconductor plants and food plants
  • Other water flow separation, belt press, dissolved air flotation tank, etc.
  • Air purification

  • Permission and approval of air pollution prevention facilities in the company
  • Scrubber, A/C tower, bag filter dust collector, automated dust collecting facilities
  • Livestock excretions

  • Livestock excretion purification treatment facility
  • Shared livestock excretions recovery facilities (composite/liquid fertilizer production business)

Main items in possession

  • Sieve screen

    Principle of the sieve screen

    The most economical and efficient screen for concentrating and separating solids from process water, and recovering raw materials or by-products. The screen removes fine solids from waste water without power.

  • Drum screen

    Drum screen

    The drum screen can treat waste water continuously by flowing inflow water entering the header through the inlet beyond the banks on the left and right of the head box and flowing it perpendicularly to the screen gap on the inside, and catching and aggregating the solids inside, which are discharged slowly to the opposite side of the inlet by being pushed by the spiral discharge plate.

  • High-speed centrifuge

    High-speed decanter

    The centrifugal force is applied to the treatment object flowing into the rotating cylinder rotating at high speed to quickly settle the solids using the specific gravity difference between the liquid and the solid. Then, the rotating screw conveyor transfers the solids settled on the inside of the rotating cylinder to the solids outlet while maintaining a constant speed difference with the rotary cylinder. Then, the solids are drained and discharged to the outlet from the conical slope and the supernatant is discharged through the spiral channel of the screw conveyor.

  • Belt press

    Filtration principle of the belt press

    Put sludge on the top of the filter cloth and remove the large amount of water by gravity as the first step, and put the sludge cake between two upper and lower filter cloths and compress. Sludge dehydration efficiency is increased as sludge is pressurized and dehydrated while passing through the roller. The dehydrated sludge cake is peeled off by the scraper and the filter cloth is washed by the washing nozzle for recycling.

  • Filter press

    Filtration principle of the filter press

    A process of separating the solid and the liquid using the filter media by pressing a crude liquid into the closed filtration chamber.

    Operating principle of the filter press

    Start operation → Activating high-pressure pump → Pressure rises → Set pressure lamp on → Start repetitive motion → Cake completion → Finish operation

  • Dissolved air flotation tank

    Principle of the dissolved air flotation tank

    The dissolved air flotation tank is equipment that dissolves air in water and combines it with floc reacted with sludge and chemicals, and floats it on the water to remove and discharge the raised particles using the upper skimmer.

  • Underwater ejector

    Underwater ejector

    Maintenance costs can be minimized because foreign matters are sealed by integrating the discharge unit and the suction unit, and preventing abnormal operation or failure of the pump and reducing load on the pump. Equipment that can improve the foreign substance clogging of the diffuser pipe and replace the diffuser pipe, which is the dissolving device after injecting air such as the turbo blower.

  • Settling tank

    Settling tank

    A tank for separating the solid and the liquid by settling suspended solids in water using the specific gravity difference.
    Water treatment is as important as solid-liquid separation, and the efficiency of the settling process determines overall treatment efficiency.

  • Upward flow sand filter

    Upward flow sand filter

    Contrary to the general filtration system, this method passes the raw water from the bottom up and filters the sediment to collect the filtered water from above. Thus, large suspended solids such as flocs are removed by the coarse gravel layer and fine suspended solids are filtered by the sandy layer, as the raw water is filtered from the coarse gravel to the thin sand.

Reliable after service management

Accurate and quick response when assigned to the site, with internal manufacturing, installation and construction.
Minimizing the effect of operation shutdown on the production cycle during repair and replacement.

Developing a niche market of environmental plant business.

Minimizing the burden of small and medium-sized businesses and small-scale businesses by replacing some equipment with used parts.

Green company recognized by the country

Green technology

Technology that minimizes the emission of greenhouse gases and pollutants by conserving and using energy and resources efficiently throughout the entire process of social and economic activities, including greenhouse gas reduction technology, efficient energy use technology, clean production technology, clean energy technology, resource purification and eco-friendly technology (including related convergence technology).

- Article 2.3, The Framework Act on Low Carbon, Green Growth, Article 9.2 of its special enforcement decree.

Milking cleaning water purification facility

Sustainable dairy development

  • Recently, the domestic dairy industry is facing many difficulties at home and abroad.
  • The problem of purifying milking cleaning water emerged as a task to solve urgently.
  • Currently, many dairy farmers have difficulty in treating cleaning water produced while milking.

Nationally-certified technical guidelines

  • Currently, the milking cleaning water purification facility is in the development phase.
  • The facility will be selected as a technical guideline after being certified by the Ministry of Environment and the National Institute of Animal Science.
  • The dairy industry at home and abroad expects the commercialization of the milking cleaning water purification facility.