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Microbial fluid bed carrier

What is a carrier?

Refers to a structure (support) that can fix suspended microorganisms for the purpose of improving the concentration and characteristics of water microorganisms used in water treatment.


Fixed biofilms grow from several mm to several tens of mm depending on the surface properties of the support, the fluidization state of the water, and the inflow BOD load. Various bacteria, protozoa, and earthworms gather depending on the environment.


When microorganisms are densely grown on the surface of the support having a high surface area, MLSS can be concentrated to 10,000 ppm or more. Therefore, high-density non-biodegradable waste water can be treated, which is not supported by the conventional method.


The biofilm with proper thickness demonstrates excellent capabilities in treating toxic waste water or high density waste water, as it can protect microorganisms from impact load.


Increased treatment efficiency by maintaining microbes attached at high density.

Improved treatment performance of non-biodegradable waste water.

The aeration tank volume and land can be minimized compared to the activated sludge method.
Allowable BOD load capacity (up to 30kg BOD/㎡·day).

Adding advanced processing functions by assigning to the existing treatment facility only.

Convenience in installation and operation.

Applicable to any type of reactor - No sludge return and MLSS adjustment are needed.

Improving sludge sedimentation and decreasing sludge occurrence (10 ~ 60%).

Slight loss rate of HRT (less than 5% loss when 80 Vol.% is assigned).

No blockage and semi-permanent use. The population of organic matters is automatically adjusted according to the organic matter load without controlling microbial population (MLSS) artificially in the reactor.

Microbes attached to the carrier


Model Diameter(mm) Maximum load(for exhalation)
kg BOD/
PR10 SERIES 10 24
PR12 SERIES 12 20
PR15 SERIES 15 10
PR20 SERIES 20 8