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Dissolved air flotation tank

Dissolved air flotation tank

The dissolved air flotation tank is equipment that dissolves air in water and combines it with floc reacted with sludge and chemicals, and floats it on the water to remove and discharge the raised particles using the upper skimmer.
The dissolved air flotation tank is composed of four important elements (air compressor, booster pump, micro bubble generator, and flotation tank), which floats and separates pollutants in water using fine bubbles of 30~70㎛.


Easy to cope with load fluctuations in existing treatment plants using the solid-liquid separation method.

Reducing the power consumption of the pressure pump by circulating less water, because the excellent performance of the bubble generator increases the density of bubbles.

A light and compact overall structure compared with other companies’ products, eliminating the need for a heavy foundation or a support.

High surface loading as bubble particles are fine and easy to attach on the floc.

The difficulty of land shortage can be solved by minimizing the stay time inside the flotation tank (15 to 20 minutes on average) and the facility volume.

Automated system supporting unmanned operation.

Up to 15㎥/㎡·hr surface loading, which provides 1.3 times more efficiency than other companies’ products.

Reducing chemical input quantity with stable treatment water quality and high treatment efficiency.

Treatment process


Initial raw water inflow


Mixing and condensation process


Attaching generated floc to the micro bubbles produced by the micro bubble generator inside the flotation tank, and floating sludge.


Removing top floating sludge using the removal device.


Chemical treatment process that treated water is discharged by the lower water collecting pipe.

Production process


In/Out/Flotation Out
Sedimentation Outlet Size (A)
Static(Dynamic) load
Size(mm)(chain 370H)
Width(W) Length(L) Height(H)
DSW-10 10 65/100/80/80 0.37 0.8(3.3) 1500 4000 2000
DSW-20 20 80/100/100/80 0.37 1.3(6.8) 2000 4000 2700
DSW-30 30 100/150/150/100 0.37 1.5(10.5) 2000 4500 2700
DSW-40 40 100/150/150/100 0.37 1.9(14.5) 3000 4500 2700
DSW-50 50 150/150/150/100 0.37 2.2(20) 3000 6000 2700

The specification and capacity of the above models can be changed according to the property and concentration of the inflow waste water.

The inlet/outlet pipe size of the above models can be changed according to the property and concentration of the inflow waste water.

The above wattage excludes the power consumption of the booster pump and air supplying equipment (compressor).