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Air diffuser

Air diffuser (DS aerator)

Equipment fixed to the air pipe by welding, which supplies dissolved oxygen (DO) and stirs the content by generating micro-bubbles using the vortex plate and air branch pipes, when air and surrounding water rise together due to the air lift action because air is supplied from the bottom.


No malfunction and good oxygen transfer efficiency.

No blocking and no need for maintenance.


No performance change.

Good stirring and pumping capacity.

Reduced power cost.

Highly cost-effective.

Infrequent maintenance with less malfunctions.

Low-risk operation during maintenance.



The entire area of the tank is stirred uniformly as a circulation flow is formed by the strong jet flow.


Air and sludge are broken into micro particle groups using a Y-shaped cutter forcibly to dissolve oxygen in water.


Mixing air and sludge by forming an intense spiraling flow using a cross-plate.


Forming strong floating pressure inside


Discharging air, and rising from water strongly


Form DS aerator Materials AIR BALL ABS
Moving air quantity in use 0.5~1.0㎥/min Vortex tube ABS
Standard moving air quantity 0.7㎥/min Support STS304
Diameter 130mm Bolt & Nut STS304
Height 450mm Moving air resistance 50~80mmAq
Weight 3.74kg Water level in use More than 2.5m
Moving air hole 15~25A Installation method Welding on the air pipe
Oxygen transfer efficiency 22% Characteristics No falling, blocking, deformation, or corrosion.

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